St. Paddie’s Day Feast Aftermath….

14 Mar

Ready to Cook

So, it was a success…delicious corned beef and cabbage! And as usual I forgot to remember which brand of corned beef went into what pot, oh well, there is always next year.  I ended up making four corned beefs, about 6 lbs of potatoes, 3 lbs of carrots and 3 heads of cabbage-as you can see in the photo….I also made cupcakes and brownies for dessert.  For the first time ever, I tried a bag with a tip to do the icing and was really excited to see my cupcakes look actually kind of professional and it was much easier than I  thought it would  be, it was very exciting! As my husband was trying to finish painting the dining room (yes, with about 20 people coming in 4 hours) I kept running in to show him a beautifully iced cupcake that looked exactly like the one I showed him the minute before….he is very patient. The one thing I didn’t remember as I sat down to watch a little t.v. before putting the meat into their pots was Daylight Savings Time, I just happened to notice the time on the t.v. was not the time on my stove….my meal was almost an hour late! So, as I rushed around putting all the water and meat into pots, I almost burned the brownies. These brownies are the best-you must try them-and they are even called “The Best Brownie” in the Fannie Farmer Cookbook. 

The Best Brownie

6 ounces unsweetened chocolate                                                   3/4 Cup Butter

4 Eggs                                                                                                          2 Tablespoons Vanilla

1/2 teaspoon Salt                                                                                    2 3/4 Cups Sugar

1 1/2 Cups All-Purpose Flour                                                            1 1/2 Cups Walnuts

Preheat Oven to 375 degrees. Butter and lightly flour a 9 x 13 x 2 inch baking pan.  In a heavy bottomed pan melt chocolate and butter over low heat, watching and stirring often.  When melted, remove from heat and let cool.  In a mixing bowl, put the eggs, vanilla, salt and sugar, and beat well using an electric mixer for 8-10 minutes (I made it to 6 minutes). Stir in the chocolate mixture gently, then add the flour, stirring only until blended.  Stir in walnuts, if you like them-I do not. Spread evenly in the pan and bake for 25 minutes.  When done center should be moist. Remove from the oven and let cool.  Let settle for a few hours then cut into squares.  *I make my brownies in a shaped pan, so I turn them out onto a plate while they are still pretty warm so they don’t stick and cut them when we are ready to eat them. 

So, what do with the leftovers?…Well, Robin, a fellow foodie at work told me about an English dish that her father used to make called Bubble and Squeak.  Sounds funny, tastes great! The history of the recipe is that in England in “the old days” when there were left overs from a roast meal they would take the vegtables along with potatoes and fry them up.  The name comes from the sounds coming from the pan as it cooks.  The vegtables were then served with the leftover meat, however nowadays it is common to put the meat in with the veggies and cook it all together. It is something I had to try and I just did! As I sit here typing I can still taste the seasoning from the corned beef-fabulous, and it does really bubble and squeak.  I chopped it all up pretty small and put it in a hot frying pan with butter, I cooked until it started to brown a little bit and I think it could possibly be better than it was as a “proper” meal.  I ate it with Coleman’s Mustard and dill pickles and it was delicious! By the way, Coleman’s Mustard is a must have with corned beef, a great suggestion from a fan.

I hope you all have great St. Patrick’s Day! and just a little note about the large white enamel pot in the picture-it was mother’s, she used almost every night for 25 years and now I use it, just not as often. Thanks Mom!

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